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Obama takes 3000 to India, spends $200 million a day Recession? What recession? Why not take a half billion dollar trip?

Lamar Smith to Obama: Get Ready investigations into Obama's lack of concern for border security, and pledges oversight. Remember how our government is supposed to have checks and balances? Yeah, that.

The invisible depression why we aren't seeing bread lines and Hoovervilles

Michelle Obama campaigns inside polling place in clear violation of the law. Has Sheila Jackson Lee been giving her pointers?

Dems to sic IRS on 501(c)3 organizations trying to shut them up before the election?

Greece to amputate instead of treat diseased feet because it's cheaper. How's that sociallized healthcare working out for ya?

Sheila Jackons Lee Illegal Electioneering

Friday, October 29, 2010

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, the Democrat incumbent queen bee from the 18th District, was caught illegally electioneering at a polling place.  While there is no audio, pollwatchers and sources say that after being confronted over electioneering violations she didn't leave immediately.

Then she pitched one of her trademark hissy fits, and called for Eric Holder to send some DOJ attorneys so they could monitor the pollwatchers.  She specifically names her latest arch enemy, the King Street Patriots. The more the merrier - but does Sheila really want the DOJ in her house poking around?

This is exactly why True the Vote and pollwatchers are so important.  King Street Patriots, by the way, has officially invited the Department of Justice to attend one of their pollwatcher training sessions and urges them to send someone out to check on things.

I personally know some of these poll watchers by the way.  They are not Black Panthers dressed in militia garb holding sticks.  They are retired school teachers and grandmothers who attend bible studies.

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